Nutritional Therapy

with Isabel Dawkes Health


Women's Health & Fertility


   What we eat and how we live can have a huge impact on our overall health status. Many simple changes can profoundly support areas of our health that may be disturbed; particularly Women’s Health.

   Nutritional therapy asks ‘why?’. Once we understand where and why things may have gone wrong at the root, we can start to understand how to fix it. We can make connections between the systems of the body, to introduce manageable dietary & lifestyle changes.

   I’d love to talk to you more about it through a free discovery call to see if we’re the right fit.

Packages start from £210 for 3 sessions but are tailored to your needs.


Food Freedom & Disordered Eating


   Support for eating disorders varies greatly for each individual. Together we work to normalise eating, connect to the body and completely re-nourish. I have a gentle nutrition approach, working mindfully and holistically to break destructive thinking & eating patterns. As the mind and body are so closely intertwined, I thoroughly recommend my clients also work with a therapist during their time with me, to gain full well being. I have a number of trusted professionals I can refer to. 


Nutrition & Lifestyle


   Nutritional Therapy is uniquely & holistically you. Together we explore you and your body to find the root cause of imbalance, addressing the direct cause of symptoms to identify the right method of support specifically for you. Adopting small, manageable lifestyle & dietary changes, with close one to one support, regular check ins and a library of information & recipes to help you create the symptom free life you want!

 Your body belongs to you, let’s take back the reins. 

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